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The electronic invoicing is an automated process of issuing, sending, receiving and processing of invoices electronically. Electronic invoicing is part of the business processes called „order-collection“ from the supplier’s prospective and „purchase-payment“ from the buyer’s prospective. Switching to electronic invoicing will result in less time spent, faster payment and less invoice errors.

The secure exchange of electronic documents in is a process where suppliers and buyers exchange and manage electronic documents, including electronic invoices, online. Electronic documents may be in any format, whereas the electronic invoices are delivered in a XML-structured format. In  addition, documents such as warehouse receipts, notices, advertisements, certificates, insurances, itemized bills, etc. accompanying document can be attached to the invoice. These documents can be in any format.

The secure exchange of electronic documents, including electronic invoices, provides fast and secure real-time management of the process of delivery of documents between the two parties – the issuer and the recipient. Electronic invoicing provides for quick settlement and improved cash flow monitoring, reduction of costs and errors caused by human factor.

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