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Saving time and money

Е-invoice reduces the expenditures for labor and materials related to the print-out unlike the traditional paper invoice. Postal and other expenses related to the supply of the documents/invoices are reduced.

Original format

Electronic documents from the type Microsoft® Word, Portable Document Format (PDF), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), etc. are received in their original format.

Reduction of errors

The electronic documents/invoices are presented, managed and archived online, which eliminates the problems related to delay and loss of documents. Duplicates of documents as copies of invoices are no longer required.

Fast settlement

The automatic way of the electronic documents/invoices reaching the payers enhances the financial control of the supplier. The presentation of the invoices through the site of the consolidator, the online disputing and settlement of disputes, the approval of the invoices by the payer and the payment help the acceleration of the entire process for the provision of goods and services and their payment by the recipient.

Fast process of disputing invoices

The possibility for online disputing of electronic documents/invoices saves the long and boring telephone conversations. The supplier has the possibility fast to answer the questions asked by the recipients of invoices. They may also attach various documents to the answers in confirmation of their standpoint. The disputes may be archived for long time periods.

Improvement of connections

The use of the system for presentation of electronic invoices and all supplementary services related to that allows the suppliers to improve the connections with their clients.

Electronic payments

The process of payment for goods and services may be significantly facilitated through е-invoices, saving the manual entry of payment orders, reducing the errors and creating possibilities for reconciliation in the financial system of the supplier.

Electronic archives

The legal requirement for storage of the invoices for long time period results in high expenditures in the traditional organization of paper archives. The electronic archives reduce the expenditures and create a possibility for easier access to the information regardless of the time period back in time.

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