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Access to the electronic documents/invoices within real time

Each user of the recipient of electronic documents/invoices has his own secure personal online access to all invoices. The users may in an easy manner manage the way to big files of electronic documents/invoices, and through a wide set of filters they may reach the information about current or already archived invoices desired by them.

Original format

Electronic documents from the type Microsoft® Word, Portable Document Format (PDF), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), etc. are received in their original format.

Card payment

Payment of obligations under an invoice can be made immediately after receiving the electronic invoices, even without leaving your workplace. Payment orders are not required.

Fast process for disputing invoices

The possibility for online disputing invoices saves the long and boring telephone conversations. Users have a possibility fast to ask questions about requisites, amounts and other elements of the invoice. They may also attach various documents to their questions for the confirmation of their thesis.

Unified view to all invoices

The unified portal and standard for presentation of invoices from various suppliers gives the recipient a possibility to have a unified view to information generated by various IT systems but presented to him in the same manner.

Electronic archives

The legal requirements for storage of the invoices for long time period results in high expenditures in the traditional organization of paper archives. Electronic archives reduce the expenditures and create a possibility for easier access to the information regardless of the time period back in time.

There is no manual entry of data

The supply of electronic invoices is performed exceptionally fast and they may be promptly reviewed, stored locally and imported into the financial system of the recipient if required. The used format for description of the data allows for direct reading of the invoices by software means or their conversion to specific or imposed in practice formats. This removes the requirement for manual entry and the time and import of errors related to that.

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