Raiffeisen bank

In order to use this service the payer has to submit a one-time application to the bank. After that the invoices awaiting payment become accessible in Raiffeisen Online (https://online.rbb.bg). The approved invoices in the web site of eFaktura are downloaded for payment in the “Invoices” menu. It is possible to choose a period and a client for which the invoices to be displayed.

The screen displays a table with the main invoice parameters and the invoice can be displayed by clicking on its number.


Viewing Invoices:


By clicking on the “Pay” button a payment order is generated automatically with main parameters filled in.
Payments are made only in Levs from BGN and foreign currency accounts. The invoice payment rights match the user’s rights. If he/she has account payment rights, he/she will be able to sign the payment.

Where a payment is generated for a given invoice, for this invoice a message is displayed on the screen in order to avoid double payment.

After the payment is made and the data is exchanged between the Bank and the Borica – Bankservice system, the web site of eFaktura updates the invoice status and it changes to “Paid”.

Payments are charged according to the Bank’s Tariff.